Life Serial (Buffy, Season 6, Episode 5)

In this episode our three super-villains, Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan, test Buffy with a series of time-confusing tactics. First, Warren makes time speeds up around Buffy (thanks to a device which implodes soon after Buffy discovers it).  Then it’s Andrew’s turn:  Andrew’s demons cost Buffy the job Xander was able to land her at a construction site.   Finally, the most effective tactic is Jonathan’s time-loop spell.  The spell throws Buffy for a loop, until she finally manages to sell a not-quite-dead mummy-hand to a difficult-to-satisfy customer, at which point the spell is broken.

While the shen orients the body to time and space, and the hun carry the personality through time, the vessels concerned with these aspects of life are the Wei Mai.  In this episode, we have a clear case of the Yin and Yang Wei Mai being out of sync. Yang Wei deals with time; Yin Wei with continuity.

The Jia Yi Jing states (Scroll 2, Chapter 2, Section 3) that when diseased, that is, when the wei mai no longer link yin and yang together, ‘there will be melancholy, trance, slackening, and inability to contract and grasp things.’  Buffy has been melancholy since her return, and has had a hard time trying to grasp the reality of her return.  In contrast, clearly, the mummy hand had no wei mai issues, given its ability to grasp the throats of anyone it didn’t particularly care for.

For an acupuncture treatment, I will treat both Wei Mai.  The first vessel to needle is the Yang Wei Mai:  orient Buffy to time.  The opening point is TH-5, the ‘outer gate’.  Then, we want to bring that orientation to time through a sense of continuity, Yin Wei Mai.  The opening point for Yin Wei Mai is PC-6, Inner Gate.

However, I’m trying to treat two EVs, and therefore I want to find a way to connect them.  Unlike the Qiao Mai, in which Yin Qiao and Yang Qiao both meet at the eyes (BL-1), or the Ren and Chong which meet at CV-1, or even the Yang Wei and Yang Qiao Mai which intersect at SI-10, the Wei Mai do not actually share any points in common.  Therefore, to connect them, we must think in terms of either points on their trajectories which share a collateral vessel, or two points whose physiological functions overlap.

The point on the Yin Wei Mai most concerned with orientation to time is LV-14, the last of the named points in the primary channel system.  This point connects to other Liver channel points, but it also goes to Du-20 at the top of the head.  Unfortunately, the Yang Wei Mai does not intersect either of those sets of points.  However, at LV-14, the blood returns to the Liver.  From the Liver, the blood can move to nourish the tendons and sinews.  (The Liver is associated with the tendons for this reason.)  One point which is particularly good for moving blood into the sinews is SI-10.  That point is on the Yang Wei Mai.  Having thought through how I want the body to remember its physiology, I now reverse the order of needling and end up with:  Left PC-6, bilateral LV-14, bilateral SI-10, and close with TH-5, bringing continuity and blood (awareness, resources) to Buffy’s bodily orientation to time.

In the previous post, I mentioned that Dang Gui Gui Zhi ji Lu Jiao Shuang Tang is the signature formula to treat the Wei Mai.  The herbs Gou Qi Zi, Sha Yuan Zi are also associated with those channels, and both treat the eyes — making them a better choice than the Bai Zi Ren, Fu Ling, and Xiao Hui Xiang I mentioned in the previous post.  In this episode, however, Bai Zi Ren is quite appropriate, as it harmonises reactivity (po) and perception (hun).  I would combine it with Hu Po, which also treats the hun and po, giving a formula which connects the Yin and Yang networks of the body through stimulating jing-qi and accessing the shen.

As always, these posts are for entertainment and educational purposes only.  If you or a friend seem mysteriously caught in a time loop, or are being attached by a living mummy hand, please see a qualified practitioner.

Happy Slayage!


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