Flooded (Buffy, Season 6, Episode 4)

Buffy’s basement is flooding. Her pipes are leaking and need replacing. In the midst of such mundane terrors of everyday life, Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew are introduced as the villains of the season.  I might argue that Willow is the real ‘Big Bad’ of Season 6 (Magic as a general concept, or Amy as in instigator are close runners up), but the gang of three ‘supervillains’ makes a nice red herring.

Oh, and Buffy needs a job.  Having only a high school education and some kept-undercover Slayer skills, she’s having difficulty fitting into the world and finding her place.  I don’t quite understand why no one thought to suggest Buffy become a personal trainer. She’d make a great kickboxing coach, if she didn’t accidentally injure her clients.  The episode raises the question of how the internal vocation of the jing-shen meet the societal value of that vocation-service, as recognised through remuneration.  That is, what if your real work isn’t paid?  What then?

Among the extraordinary channels, the Yang Wei Mai control the integration of the surface with the interior.  Wei means ‘net’, and is similar to the network of pipes in her house which are bursting.  In Buffy’s case, her interior vocation isn’t being integrated with the external world, leading to an internal crisis of the net giving out — thus Buffy’s financial-vocational crisis as well as her flooding house.  (Houses in dreams are often metaphors for the body.)  Of course, usually, the Dai Mai is concerned with restraining leaking — but I’d rather treat the root of the problem, and thus the Yang Wei Mai will suffice.

So what points should be needled?  The Yang Wei Mai originates at the point UB 63 and ascends along the the GB meridian up the leg and sides of the body passing thru GB 35. It continues to UB 59 and up to the hip (GB 29). Then it continues along the lateral aspect of the body to LI 14 at the shoulder, to TH 13, TH 15 and to GB 21. It then travels down to SI 10, over to GV 15, GV 16 and then to GB 20. It continues downward along the GB meridian from GB 19 thru to GB 13 where it ends, fully traversing TaiYang, ShaoYang, and YangMing aspects of the body.

The most salient point on the vessel for us would be UB-63, which treats leaky bladder (think leaky pipes/ leaky bladder).  UB-63 also treats ShaoYang issues, like damp-heat pouring out of the body (again, Buffy’s leaky pipes).  I would add LI-14, which clears the vision, in the hope that Buffy can see her role in the world more clearly.  For the ShaoYang point, I would select TH13 NaoHui, and purposely mis-translate the point’s name as ‘Brain Meeting’ rather than ‘Upper Arm Meeting point’.  In other words, I would use the point to bring the mind’s attention from securing leakage to clarity of vision, to the union of jing and shen in the experience of the world.

A little too metaphorical?  Perhaps.  But try it and see what happens.  Relaxing tense shoulders will almost always induce a little clarity of thought.  Besides, if you want a more exacting correspondence between point names and the function I’m trying to elicit, you can always choose TH15, Tian Liao, ‘Heavenly Foramen’.  Buffy fell through a hole in heaven, and maybe there’s a blockage at that point.

Ye Tian-Shi lists several herbs useful for treating the Yang Wei Mai and integrating yang activity in body.  Xiao Hui Xiang, Bai Zi Ren, and Fu Ling all free the flow of the network vessels.  Bai Zi Ren in particular is good for calming the mind and harmonising the shen, hun, and po.  In the case of the Wei Mai however (according to Bob Flaws), Ye Tian-Shi recommends not just herbs, but a particular formula:  Dang Gui Gui Zhi Tang jia Lu Jiao Shuang.

As always, these posts are for entertainment and educational purposes only.  If you or a loved one have ‘leaky pipes’ or are trying to find your vocation, please see a qualified practitioner.

Happy Slayage!


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