Short Sketch of an Army Brat

I’m posting a short bio just to see how the tags will change when I show up in searches. You see, I grew up as an army brat — my father was in the military. That means that friends I had growing up often moved away after a few years, while I stayed in Germany. Although I’m now in my mid-thirties, I still think about those childhood friends, wish them well, and wonder where they are today. In particular, I’ve tried to find a friend named Jason Richards — a name pretty much as common as mine! Friends who went to my high school, I’ve been able to find on Facebook; friends at Wiesbaden American Middle School (WAMS), however, are generally not people I’ve been able to find. So, I’m wondering if this post might get some hits. In other news, I’m working on posts for Season Six of Buffy, as well as a little more historical theology. Coming soon!


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