Listening to Fear (Buffy, Season 5, Episode 9)

Joyce’s shadow has turned out to be rather serious, and the doctors have arranged for her to have surgery. We see Joyce’s personality suddenly shift from her usual self only to return, Joyce not quite knowing what had happened. Although it would seem she should therefore be kept in hospital, she insists on going home. With the support of her daughters, the doctor’s grant Joyce’s request.
Meanwhile, a meteor crashes in the park above Sunnydale. The other Scoobies investigate, not telling Buffy. The hollow meteor, we later find out, contained a Queller demon, so named because it ‘quells’ outbreaks of madness. Although Riley calls in backup from his old buddies in the now-defunct Initiative, Buffy manages to slay the demon before it has a chance to ‘quell’ her mother — but not before Joyce discovers that Dawn is not her biological child.

I know I’ve already discussed headaches in an earlier post this season.  However, I did not discuss there how to treat headache using luo-vessels.  Since Joyce is still having headaches, she gives an easy enough palliative case to treat.

The one luo vessel which treats headache is the Bladder luo mai.  In excess, its symptoms encompass pain in the back, stuffy nose, and headache.  In depletion, it manifests as nosebleeds and runny snivel.  Psychologically, as mentioned several episodes ago, Bladder luo dysfunction entails an inability to defend oneself; TaiYang wei qi is not supported by substantive blood.  Bleeding BL-58, Fei Yang (Flying Yang — think of Spike during the Boxer Rebellion, after he slew the Slayer) is indicated.  The point’s name alludes to its ability to nourish the sinews with jin-thin fluids.

I will not review the herbal treatments for headache here.  However, some envoy herbs which go to the Bladder channel include Yi Mu Cao (which also moves blood), Wu Yao (more known for its qi moving properties), Shi Wei (which stops bleeding and also expels phlegm).  Qiang Huo, of course, is well known for its role in treating TaiYang headaches and relieving back spasms.  Di Long (earthworm) is perhaps the best envoy, as it not only goes to the Bladder meridian, it also unblocks the luo-collaterals, dispelling internal wind and clearing heat.

As always, these posts are for entertainment and educational purposes only.  If you feel you could benefit from Chinese Medicine, please see a qualified practitioner. 

Happy Slayage!



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