Primeval (Buffy Season 4, Episode 21)

Wow. Even after all these years since I first watched this episode, I still say, ‘Wow’ at its conclusion.

The solution to defeating the Big Bad of Season 4 was simple enough, and Xander gets the credit for coming up with the idea:  The Scooby Gang would pool their talents in such a way that all would be embodied in Buffy’s Slayer-physicality.  Giles would contribute his knowledge of Sumerian (which is not a Semitic language, I might add, and is thus unrelated to either Assyrian or Babylonian), Willow her magic, Buffy her Slayer skills, and Xander binds them all through his empathy.  Together, they are able to call upon the entire linage of Slayers who have existed throughout time.

How could Chinese Medicine possibly accomplish this sort of union?  Well, let’s look at three possibilities.  The first is the Extraordinary meridian pair Yin Wei Mai and Yang Wei Mai.  These meridians are responsible for unifying the flow of all the yin and yang qi of the body.  The character for ‘wei mai’ indicates a pulsing vessel that forms a net used in trapping birds.  So the first potential treatment we could look at is a wei mai treatment (PC-6, TW-5).

Second, I recall using a treatment on one of my first patients which began by needling the yin meridians of the right hand at the jing well points, then moved to the ying points of the yang meridians on the left hand, then the jing-river points of the left leg, and ending with the he-sea/ uniting points of the right leg.  This protocol — I cannot recall whom to credit for it — engages all twelve meridians, bringing them into sync at the he-sea points of the leg.  the sea-points of the leg are intimately tied to the pooling of jing, blood, and the primal qi of the shaoyang which transforms that jing into the qi carried by the blood, uniting them to produce the shen of the body.  The source points of the LU, HT, and PC further this engagement, while the yang energy stored in the ying-spring points of the LI, SI, and TW promotes its movement — SI associated with sovereign fire, LI with the yang of wei qi, and TW with source qi.  The jing-river points of the BL, GB, and ST gather this flow and direct it strongly to the uniting points, adding to the physiology the expression of post-natal qi derived from grains, fluids, and the exterior environment (i.e the reactivity of the back shu points).

The third point for consideration is a Japanese ion-cord treatment protocol (four cords are needed) which also attempts to activate each meridian, but using the 12-hour clock instead.  The needled points are SP6 (black clip), where three yin vessels meet, to a point halfway between PC7 and PC3 (red clip).  TW8 (black clip) to GB35 (red clip) are both sea points.  All points are needled bilaterally.  This treatment protocol, named after the Tai Ji (‘Supreme Ultimate’), is usually used for ‘tired but wired’ presentations, or those in which the entire Dai Mai is reactive along the abdomen.

All this is useful for integrating the meridians of one person.  How can it be used with other people?  Some Japanese researchers tested ion pumping cords by attaching cords from needles placed in old men up to those in young men.  The results were that the old men’s pulses greatly increased.  Sounds vampiric?  Yes — but this makes the idea even more appealing for the Buffyverse.  I would suggest using ion cords to bind all the characters together, perhaps using PC-6 and TW-5 as the primary points…

Herbally, I cannot think of something that would bind several people together, and nothing I have researched seems to indicate that such an idea was ever present among the Han or Tang dynasty Chinese.  However, one herbal formula, called the Trinity of Heaven, seeks to unite heaven, earth, and humanity:  Tian Ma, Di Huang, and Ren Shen.  If Tian Ma is too cold, then perhaps one could substitute Tian Men Dong, although this substitution is my own idea, not one in the tradition.  (Tian Men Dong also happens to be cold, by the way.)  Likewise,  Tong Tian Cao (aka Tong Cao) may make an interesting assistant herb to connect the Earth (Di Huang) and Humanity (Ren Shen) herbs to the Tian Ma, and guide the herbs to the HT via the SI channel.

As always, these posts are for entertainment purposes only.  If you feel the need to be united with your friends in an esoteric manner in order to overcome great evil in your lives, please seek out a qualified professional or source with extensive experience in such matters.

Happy slayage!


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