The Wish (Buffy, Season Three, Ep 9)

I remembered this as being one of the most interesting episodes, and it provided both Anya’s introduction to the show, and a glimpse of Willow’s inner dominatrix.

The premise of the episode was simple:  At the end of Lovers Walk, after she saw Xander and Willow on the couch together, Cordelia fled up the stairs of the factory where Spike had imprisoned the two high schoolers.  The stairs broke, and Cordelia fell.  In the next scene, we see that Cordelia had been pierced by an iron rod.

Although she survived her hospital stay (no MRSA infections in Sunnydale, apparently, since everyone knows MRSA is much harder to kill than vampires or demons) — no one mentioned where exactly the rod went through her.  I’m surprised her spleen didn’t burst, since it seems the rod was a little on her left side, just below the costal margin.  After re-watching this episode, however, I began to think that the Spleen was damaged after all.

Cordelia returns to school, dressed to kill.  She meets Anya, who is a vengeance demon — although the politically correct term would be ‘justice demon’ — with the power to grant wishes made by wronged women, usually directed towards their ex (or soon to be ex).  Cordelia wishes Buffy had never come to Sunnydale.

Wishing is about seeing new possibilities. This is a function of the Spleen’s capacity to form intent.  The capacity to form clear intent is hampered when the Spleen is weak or obstructed by dampness; it cannot see options through the fog, as it were.  Cordelia, can’t envision a new direction for her high school career.

At the end of the episode, we see Cordelia begin to return to form as she begins to see new possibilities through the mere exercise of wishing (actually, she begins to contemplate exciting past possibilities as well — such as Buffy never being born).

If this is a Spleen issue, then, does Chinese medicine have an ability to enhance this process? Arguably, it does.

The formula Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang was mentioned in the episode with Buffy’s morbid love interest Owen.  There it was used to treat a split pulse. (The split pulse indicated a possibility in that person’s life had been prematurely closed off.)  We can use the same formula here; the treatment principle is exactly the same, namely, to revive the Spleen and raise its yang to the orifices so that a person can remain centred and see new possibilities.

As for acupuncture, we would want to work with the Earth element. We could use a simple five phase Japanese meridian treatment: SP-3, PC-7. PC-7 in fact, is an appropriate choice for Cordelia, since the Pericardium maintains the houses of one’s life, arranging them according to the pattern of the spirit’s deepest needs.  Given her recent experiences of betrayal, shock, and trauma, the pericardium has even more reasons to recommend its use.  Therefore, a bilateral treatment of those four points seems called for.

As always, these posts are for theoretical and entertainment purposes only.  If you feel your horizons need expanding through the use of Asian medicine, please don’t hesitate to contact a qualified practitioner.

Happy Slayage, and be careful what you wish for!


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