Ted (Buffy, Season 2) Post One

Can acupuncture really solve your problems with electronic equipment seeming stuck in the 1950’s leading to a lack of sleep thus providing you with an excuse for obsessive eating at night?

I wish.

Frankly, I avoided the use of electroacupuncture as much as I could for the simple reason that I usually don’t enjoy operating machines which have no literary or artistic value.

And I have never stuck an acupuncture needle in one to see if that would fix it.  So alas, I cannot fix Ted.

He was the villain of the episode, anyway.

This episode has so many other options to choose from, however, that I’m going to divide it into two posts.  Perhaps this will make up for my having collapsed “What’s My Line” into one post.

First, let’s pick up from where we left Ms. Calendar.

The demon was expelled (if short of shamans, summon vampires, is the philosophy of this cast, apparently).  However, it left our favourite computer teacher with a bit of a shock, and now she isn’t sleeping well.  Nor does she quite seem as romantically inclined to Giles, and she certainly has lost some of the playfulness which characterised her in earlier episodes.

This is no surprise.  Shock scatters the qi and particularly impacts the Heart, which rules sleep and manifests joy.  I would not be surprised if her pulse registers a fine vibration.

The treatment is relatively straightforward.

Ht-5 and Ht-7 are my favourite points for treating sleep disorders.  Usually, I choose HT-5, and combine it with Spleen or Stomach points to help nourish blood.

In this case, however, I will use what is called the “golden triangle” of HT-7, PC-6, and LU-9.  HT-7 treats the Heart, which is where the pathology is located now.  The origin was twofold.  On the one hand, the demon came in through the skin, which is ruled by the Lungs; on the other hand, it was a demonic infestation, and the Pericardium is concerned with parasitic infection.  Therefore, this particular combination is perfectly suited to the case at hand.  I would not worry about adding any points on the legs in this particular case.  If I were to choose any lower body points, I would select KD-3 or KD-6 and remove either PC-6 or LU-9 from the wrist.  (I would be prone to removing PC-6, personally, even though this channel is sometimes called “circulation sex” by Five Element practitioners and could help Jenny restore her romantic interests).

For heart shock, one effective herbal treatment is Sheng Mai San, composed of Ren Shen, which is very rooting and nourishes the primal qi; mai men dong, which clears the heart and calms the spirit; and wu wei zi, which nourishes the kidneys and heart, absorbs phlegm and anchors the shen in the jing.

Tomorrow:  how to treat someone stuck in a previous decade, and what to do about obsessive eating leading to food allergies.  Finally, a Channel Divergence treatment!

As always the diagnosis and treatments presented in this post are for theoretical purposes only.  If you think acupuncture or herbal medicine can help treat insomnia due to shock, please see a qualified practitioner.

Happy Slayage!


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